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We combine years of experience in optometry with a passion for detail and a dedication to providing excellent eye care in the heart of West Sussex.

Eye Test

Unlock the full potential of your vision with our cutting-edge eye test in Haywards Heath.

Our comprehensive eye examinations use the Rodenstock DNEye scanner, allowing for a better, more accurate diagnosis.

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We use innovative technology to measure your eyes, position and the shape of your face to find the right glasses frames for you.

We stock a wide variety of frames, including leading brands, so you are guaranteed to discover your ideal pair of glasses.

Contact Lenses

We examine our clients’ eyes to ensure that we find the right lens and solution for them. Furthermore, we measure your eyes to ensure that your contact lenses fit perfectly.



Dolphins Optometrists offers innovative myopia management services focusing on Night Lenses and orthokeratology. This approach reshapes the cornea gently during sleep, providing clear daytime vision without the need for daytime corrective lenses. It’s a less invasive and hassle-free alternative to laser eye surgery and traditional corrective lenses.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic specialises in managing dry eye and ocular surface diseases. The clinic, led by expert consultants Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes, utilizes cutting-edge treatments to alleviate symptoms like dryness, wateriness, burning, and redness.

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Our Happy Clients at Dolphins Optometrists

I just experienced the most thorough and detailed examination in my 40 years of visiting opticians. Plus, I learned so much – for example one test showed that my eyes were on the dry side, and eye drops would be useful even if I don’t have symptoms. I saw the surface of my cornea after laser surgery 25 years ago which explained how new contact lenses would fit and was advised to get a health test after a detailed image of the back of my eye (which was also shown to me) indicated a possible early issue. Outstanding customer service. Utterly blown away. Exceptional.

Lisa Butler

I see so many people with unflattering, badly fitting frames and wibbly wobbly lenses that I need a pack of Dolphin stickers please. I could then slap them on unsuspecting passersby and fellow queue-ers and send them to Umesh, Julian, Mandy and the team for some genuine care and attention to detail. Dolphin Optometrists are not tied to any one supplier and can recommend what is tailored to your requirements, however severe or complex your prescription might be. They have all the latest kit and expertise – and plenty of parking too!

Sara Hopkins

I don’t know where to start with my review but the Dolphins Optometrists in Haywards Heath is the best when it comes to their dedicated staff and the service is beyond measurable! Supposedly, I am late for my appointment because of the rain and rang them to move it but the receptionist – Jane – offered to pick me up in the train station for me to make it that day! Umesh, the optometrist, gave a thorough explanation of my eye test and even offered a discounted price for the additional eye exam. Hoping to see them back after a couple of years when my eye test is due.

Edin Nueva

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Discover the exceptional range of eyewear brands we stock, chosen for their quality, style, and innovation.

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