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Revolutionary Eye Exams

We have the most advanced eye scanners in Mid Sussex. We’re here to help you see more clearly.

Your eyes deserve to be seen

We combine years of experience in optometry with a passion for detail and a dedication to providing excellent eye care in the heart of West Sussex.

Protect your eyes by visiting our experienced optometrists that embrace cutting-edge technology to care for your vision.

The Next Generation of Eye Care

We discovered the missing measurements behind your vision and began to tailor our lenses and eye examinations accordingly.

With our advanced lens technology, you’ll receive an eye examination in more detail than ever before!

Freedom from glasses, day lenses, & laser eye surgery

Your Vision. Your Life.

Are you ready to ditch your glasses and contact lenses?

Our cutting-edge Night Lens technology can help.

Night Lenses provide an innovative solution to myopia and

A sustainable, revolutionary way to improve your vision.

Tear Clinic



Visit our Tear Clinic and protect your eyes! 

We assess the health of your tears to ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

Visit our specialist clinic, found nowhere else in the area.


We’re a team of dedicated experts who provide comprehensive eye care and use the latest technology 

We provide the best possible service with revolutionary technology. Our incredible team of local experts are very experienced in their fields.

Our examinations and assessments are incredibly comprehensive and ensure that we protect our clients’ eyes, providing you with a service you won’t find anywhere else!

We go the extra mile to ensure you receive fantastic service and treatment


We take pride in providing great service and high-quality examinations using the latest technology.

Our passion is to help people by giving them the treatment and the vision they deserve.

Contact Lenses

Find the perfect contact lenses for you

woman inserting contact lens

We strive to offer a bespoke service to suit you and your eyes. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to examine your eye like never before and provide a service as unique as you are.

contact lens on a finger tip

We examine our clients’ eyes to ensure that we find the right lens and solution for them. Furthermore, we measure your eyes to ensure that your contact lenses fit perfectly.

designer eyeglasses
Your perfect frames, waiting for you

Designer Eyeglasses

Get fitted for the perfect glasses frames today. We have a wide selection to choose from, and our expert dispensing optician will help you find the best pair for your face and style.

Explore our wide array of glasses and sunglasses to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Fashion Eyewear

Our team of knowledgeable dispensing opticians and eyewear stylists at Dolphins Optometrists will help you find the perfect pair of glasses.

We use innovative technology to measure your eyes, position and the shape of your face to find the right glasses frames for you.

We stock a wide variety of frames, including all the leading brands, so you are guaranteed to discover your ideal pair of glasses.

How to find the best local optometrist for you

Umesh, Julian, Mandy and Colin have been working together in optometry for over 25 years, utilising the latest cutting-edge optical technology.