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Why Getting a Regular Eye Test is Important

People pointing at image of an eye during an eye test
January 3, 2023
People pointing at image of an eye during an eye test

A regular eye test is essential to ensure that your eye health is in good condition and your vision isn’t impaired. This is for everyone whether there is a pre-existing prescription or not. Our vision changes slowly over time, so more minor differences can be hard to spot. If you are already a prescription wearer, this could mean that you could be wearing glasses or contact lenses that are no longer perfect for you.

Regular check-ups are beneficial to ensure you have the right products to help you see clearly. They also help you to discover or keep on top of any eye condition you may have. Many people often don’t get an eye test unless they have some apparent symptoms. However, the quicker some of these conditions are discovered, the easier they are to treat or manage.

To learn more about why you must book regular eye examinations, check out our blog by clicking here.


How to Choose the Right Optometrist

Choosing the right optometrist can often be quite a challenging feat. With many options for eye tests, you need to find one that will provide a professional but friendly service. Vision and eye health are very important. You should not just look for the cheapest one. You must invest in yourself by choosing an experienced and correctly trained optometrist.

If you have a particular eye health condition, choosing an optometrist specialising in that field is an excellent idea. At Dolphins Optometrists, we have specialists such as Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes, experts in the field of dry eye. They have all the latest research and treatment information at their fingertips to help you.

If you want to learn more about selecting the right optometrist for you, then check out our handy blog with all our top tips on how to do so. Just click here to read more.



One of the most daunting things about getting an eye test is the cost. Especially if you find out you need any procedures or products to fix any eye health issues. Eye health is vital, and most people agree that investing in your vision and health is worth it. Finding out potential costs upfront will help to budget accordingly.


What is the difference between astigmatism and presbyopia?

An irregularity in the shape of the eye causes astigmatism. This means that light is not flowing through the cornea uniformly. Therefore, sight is impaired. Those with astigmatism will often have symptoms such as blurry vision, double vision, headaches, and eye strain.

Presbyopia, on the other hand, is usually caused by the natural process of ageing. Presbyopia occurs when an individual cannot effectively switch focus from far objects to near ones. This means that the person can have difficulty seeing things clearly.

Both syndromes can be treated using the correct glasses or contact lenses to counteract these impairments. Please click here to read more about the differences between astigmatism and presbyopia.



Children sometimes can’t explain or don’t know about issues they are having with their health. This means we need to ensure that we get annual check-ups for our children’s eye health.

With children growing quickly and changing all the time, their health may alter and sometimes go unnoticed by parents. An annual child’s eye test will ensure that any visual changes or eye health issues are picked up on quickly and dealt with accordingly.

Children are often visual learners. Not being able to see clearly can lead to adverse effects on their learning. We must ensure they can view the whiteboard and read their books correctly, in order to thrive in their education.


How to pick the perfect pair of frames for your face shape

You took a trip to get your annual eye test, and now your optometrist has told you to get new glasses. Now it is time to pick the perfect frames for you. As so many different frames are available in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right ones for your face shape can sometimes seem impossible.

Some frame shapes and sizes will suit different face shapes better, so you first need to figure out what type of face shape you have and then go from there.

It would help if you also decided what colour your frames would be. Take your eye and hair colour into account when choosing this.

Why not check out our handy guide on picking the perfect pair of frames for your face shape by clicking here.



Not being able to see appropriately whilst driving has some obvious challenges. This can often lead to accidents, which are sometimes fatal. 2,900 road-related incidents happen yearly because of vision-related issues.

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have adequate vision whilst driving. Police officers have the right to pull anyone over and check their eyesight. Because of this, drivers need to get regular eye tests to ensure they are compliant with the law and safe on the roads.

To be a safe driver on the road, you need to be able to read a number plate 20 metres in front of you in good light. This is the equivalent of around five cars. If you can’t, then it is crucial to book an eye test immediately and avoid driving until you get advice from an optometrist.

If you would like to find out more about why it is so important that everyone gets a regular driver’s eye test, then click here.


The new generation of biometry eye tests

Standard eye tests use just four standard values to determine the prescription of lenses. These values will only suit around 2% of people in the world. At Dolphins Optometrists, we believe in ensuring our clients have the most accurate information on their eyes. This can ultimately lead to more precise crafting of a lens. Because of this, Umesh Patel, the director of Dolphin Optometrists, decided to introduce a biometry eye test that uses cutting-edge technology to determine thousands of data points. This gives our clients a much more accurate lens to improve their vision.

We use a biometric eye scanner called a DNEye® Scanner. Using this, we can optimise over 7000 points on a spectacle lens to enhance our client’s eyesight.

Julian Silburn is our Dispensing Optician at Dolphin Optometrists, a specialist in dispensing complex prescriptions. Using this technology, Julian can provide our clients with lenses that are created precisely and uniquely for each individual.

If you would like to read more information on this new generation of biometry eye tests, then head over to our blog, which discusses how they work in more detail.



Unsurprisingly, the earlier you diagnose an eye condition, the better the chances are for successfully treating and managing it.

Some common eye conditions include cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Not all eye conditions have symptoms. We can help you identify any problems early on.

If you are however experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should contact your optometrist immediately and go in for an eye test.

  • Red eye
  • Flashes
  • Night blindness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry eye
  • Excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • Swelling of the eye

An eye test with an optometrist will allow you to get a proper diagnosis and learn about your treatment options. If you suspect that you have any health issues with your eyes, it is advised that you book an eye test as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about how to spot early signs of eye conditions, then you can look at our blog outlining what symptoms you should be looking out for and what they could mean.


Dry eye: what is it, and how can it be treated?

Dry eye is when your eye can not produce enough tears or retain them long enough. This can lead to irritating symptoms such as itchy or stinging eyes, blurry vision and red eyes.

The good news is that it can be treated with various methods. These include eye drops, tear duct plugs, lifestyle changes or surgery.

If you believe you have dry eye, book an appointment with your optometrist to begin treatment. At Dolphin Optometrists, we have experts on dry eye: Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes.

If you want to read more about dry eye and how it can be treated, please head to our blog on this topic.

If you would like to book an eye test at Dolphins Optometrist or find out any more information on the above topics, then please contact us. Our friendly team of Optometrists are dedicated to providing the highest standard of eye care. Contact us today on 01444 454808 or

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