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Our optometry practice, situated in the heart of West Sussex near Burgess Hill, stands as a premier destination for exceptional eye care. With a wealth of expertise in optometry, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to your vision health, our Burgess Hill opticians offer tailored services to meet all your optical needs.

Vision Examination in Burgess Hill

Explore the full capabilities of your vision with our state-of-the-art vision assessment services in Burgess Hill. Leveraging advanced technology like the Rodenstock DNEye scanner, our opticians provide precise and detailed vision diagnoses.

Frames Selection in Burgess Hill

At our optometry practice in Burgess Hill, we use cutting-edge technology to analyse your eyes, facial dimensions and face shape to find the perfect frames for you. Our diverse collection includes top-brand frames to ensure you discover your ideal pair of glasses.

Contact Lenses Evaluation from Burgess Hill Opticians

Our comprehensive eye exams near Burgess Hill Opticians guarantee the proper fit and selection of contact lenses tailored to your needs. Through meticulous eye measurements, our expert opticians ensure a perfect fit for the lenses.

Innovative Myopia Management Services in Burgess Hill

Dolphins Optometrists at Burgess Hill delivers innovative myopia management services focused on Night Lenses and orthokeratology. This non-invasive approach gently reshapes the cornea during sleep, providing clear vision without the need for corrective lenses during the day or surgery.

Expertise in Dry Eye Clinic near Burgess Hill

Under the direction of renowned consultants Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes, our Dry Eye Clinic near Burgess Hill excels in managing dry eye and ocular surface diseases. We utilise cutting-edge treatments to alleviate symptoms like dryness, wateriness, burning and redness.

Precise Biometric Eye Examination near Burgess Hill Opticians

Benefit from our advanced technology for precise eye measurements at Burgess Hill Opticians, ensuring accurate and customised treatment for your individual needs.

Personalised Service at Burgess Hill Opticians

Dedicated to your unique requirements, we allocate ample time for each eye test at Burgess Hill Opticians. Our technology that measures vision up to 0.01 DPO delivers accurate results, reflecting your true eye condition for enhanced accuracy.

Tailored Care Plans by Burgess Hill Opticians

Burgess Hill Opticians create bespoke care plans for every client, fostering discussions on enhanced services and scheduled routine reviews. Our personalised approach aims to deliver optimal eye care tailored to your specific needs.

Special – Rated as one of the top opticians near Burgess Hill, our practice prides itself on expertise in optometry, attention to detail and exceptional eye care.

– Vision examination services near Burgess Hill utilise cutting-edge technology like the Rodenstock DNEye scanner for precise diagnoses.

– Selection of frames at our practice is done with advanced technology tailored to your facial features and preferences.

– Contact lenses evaluations are part of our comprehensive eye exams near Burgess Hill, ensuring a perfect fit for each individual’s needs.

– Specialised myopia management services include Night Lenses and orthokeratology for clear vision without daytime corrective lenses.

– Our Dry Eye Clinic led by expert consultants, offers advanced treatments to manage dry eye symptoms effectively.

– We Opticians provide precise biometric eye examinations with advanced technology for accurate and customised treatment.

– Personalised services at Burgess Hill Opticians allocate ample time for each eye test and ensure accurate vision measurements.

– Tailored care plans by us account for enhanced services and scheduled reviews, tailored to individual needs.

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