Eye Test

What Is A Biometric Eye Exam?

In order to maximise the accuracy of a lens prescription, manufacturers generally use four standard values from an individual’s reduced eye model. However, these same distances and prescriptions may not apply to every person because of their unique features that influence their biometrics during the measurement process.

Our revolutionary technology allows us to measure each eye in great depth, ensuring every eye gets the correct treatment.

A young gentlemen getting his eye test done
Machine used when getting a regular eye test

A Personalised And Bespoke Service

Patients need different amounts of time depending on their condition, as well as why they have come to see us. Therefore, we always ensure plenty of time is allocated to each eye test to address your needs.

The revolutionary technology we use at Dolphins Optometrists allows us to measure vision up until 0.01 DPO which reflects the true condition in over 95% population instead of using traditional quarter diopter (“QDI”) numbers ending with .00%

A Service As Unique As You

Rodenstock has introduced new AI technology to ensure precision in lens calculations. Therefore, this enables us to scan your retinas in unprecedented detail to ensure we prescribe the best lenses to give you the best vision possible.

Dolphin_A Service_As_Unique_As_You

Follow Up Services

After your eye test in Haywards Heath, any recommendations for enhanced services will be discussed. Additionally, you will be advised when your next routine review will be due. We develop bespoke care plans for each client to ensure they get the care they deserve. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with us and we will be sure to put your mind at ease.

Unlock the full potential of your vision.