Myopia Management

Freedom From Glasses, Day Lenses And Laser Eye Surgery

What if there was a way to see clearly without the need for corrective lenses during the day? That’s where our myopia management comes in.

Night Lenses and orthokeratology offer just that. By gently reshaping the cornea while you sleep, these lenses allow you to wake up in the morning with clear vision.

Unlike laser eye surgery, they are much less invasive.

This alternative provides freedom from cumbersome corrective lenses as well as the expense and potential risks associated with eye surgery.

It’s a promising solution for those looking for hassle-free vision correction.


Halt The Development Of Myopia

While glasses and contact lenses can provide clear vision in the short term, they do not offer a long-term solution for managing myopia.

Thankfully, Night Lenses and orthokeratology have been shown to slow or even stop the progression of nearsightedness. This makes them particularly effective for children and teenagers whose vision is still developing.

By using Night Lenses or orthokeratology, parents can help prevent their children from becoming dependent on glasses or contacts as they grow older. Furthermore, it protects children from developing other conditions deriving from myopia.

In short, these techniques offer a promising option for managing myopia and promoting clear vision in the future.

How Orthokeratology Works

Orthokeratology combines technologies such as topography and advanced lens design to provide safe and effective vision correction without the need for permanent changes to the eye.

This myopia management takes effect by gently reshaping the cornea overnight, users can live with great vision during the day, without the need for contact lenses or glasses.

In addition to being a non-invasive alternative to glasses and traditional contacts, it can also slow down or even prevent further progression of nearsightedness and diseases such as myopia in children.

Little girl checking up her sight for myopia at ophthalmology centre

Saving The World, One Lens At A Time

As a contact lens wearer, it’s easy to forget that those tiny pieces of plastic come with a negative impact on the environment. While they may seem too small to make a difference, the accumulation of disposable lenses adds up, leading to tonnes of waste each year.

That’s why Night Lenses are such a game-changer for those with vision correction needs. By only needing to be replaced once or twice a year, these lenses greatly reduce the amount of waste compared to disposable alternatives.

But their environmental benefits don’t stop there – Night Lenses also use fewer chemicals in production and packaging, creating less pollution as well. So, not only are Night Lenses an easy and convenient way to improve your vision – but they’re also making a positive impact on the planet.

It’s a win-win for your eyes and the environment. Go green with Night Lenses!

Change Your Life With Night Lenses

Our myopia management is revolutionary. Night Lenses are not like glasses or contact lenses, they are life-changing. Waking up every day with perfect sight and the freedom that offers. They are an amazing 4th option for people with short-sight. Instead of glasses, daytime contacts or surgery, you can experience 20/20 vision using safe & reversible technology and potentially reduce the progression of myopia, and so lower your risk of eye disease in later life.

For Myopia Management using Night Lenses, your child will always be supervised when using them because they are only ever worn at night during sleep. This means that you can be completely assured that they are used properly and safely.

The use of contact lenses in children has been shown to lead to improvements in confidence and sporting ability for many children needing eyesight correction.

See clearly without lenses.