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Exceptional Eye Care by Expert Opticians in Haywards Heath: Dolphins Optometrists

With a wealth of expertise in optometry, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to exceptional eye care, we are a premier optometry practice in the heart of West Sussex, specifically located in Haywards Heath. Our dedicated team of opticians in Haywards Heath strives to provide top-notch services tailored to your eye health needs.


Vision Examination


Discover the complete capabilities of your vision through our state-of-the-art vision assessment in Haywards Heath. Our thorough vision assessments leverage the Rodenstock DNEye scanner to ensure a more precise and detailed diagnosis, showcasing our commitment to excellence.


Frames in Haywards Heath


Utilising advanced technology to analyse your eyes, facial dimensions and face shape, we determine the perfect frames for you. Our extensive collection includes a diverse range of frames from top brands, ensuring you find your perfect pair of glasses with the guidance of our experience opticians.


Contact Lenses Evaluation


Our comprehensive eye examinations ensure proper fit and selection of contact lenses tailored to each individual’s needs. Meticulously measuring the eyes, our opticians in Haywards Heath guarantee a perfect fit for the lenses.


Myopia Management Services


Dolphins Optometrists provides innovative myopia management services focusing on Night Lenses and orthokeratology. This non-invasive approach gently reshapes the cornea during sleep, offering clear vision without daytime corrective lenses or surgery. Trust our skilled opticians in Haywards Heath for cutting-edge myopia management.


Dry Eye Clinic Expertise


Led by consultants Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes, our Dry Eye Clinic specialises in managing dry eye and ocular surface diseases. Cutting-edge treatments are utilised to alleviate symptoms like dryness, wateriness, burning and redness, underlining our expertise as opticians.


Biometric Eye Examination


Our advanced technology allows for precise measurements on each eye, ensuring accurate treatment customised to individual needs and showcasing the precision you can expect from our opticians.


Personalised Service


We allocate ample time for each eye test to address individual needs, with technology that measures vision up to 0.01 DPO, reflecting the true condition for better accuracy. Our personalised service sets us apart as dedicated opticians.


Tailored Care Plans


We create bespoke care plans for each client, with discussions on enhanced services and scheduled routine reviews. Our goal is to provide personalised care tailored to your requirements.


Specialised Dry Eye Treatment


Suffering from dry or watery eyes? Our TEAR clinic, led by expert consultants, offers advanced treatments to alleviate dry eye symptoms and enhance your eye health. Specialised programmes are designed for individually tailored care.


Understanding Dry Eyes Causes


Dry eye syndrome results from a lack of balance in tear production or excessive evaporation, critical for maintaining eye moisture. Symptoms may include irritation, burning and itching in the eyes, issues our opticians in Haywards Heath are adept at addressing.


Factors Contributing to Dry Eyes


– Ageing

– Hormonal changes (such as pregnancy or menopause)

– Environmental factors (wind, air pollution)

– Medications (e.g., antihistamines, decongestants, birth control pills)

– Contact lens use

– Underlying health conditions (e.g., diabetes, autoimmune disorders)


Dry Eye Treatment at Dolphins Optometrists


Dry Eye Clinic Pricing

– £110 for Dry Eye Clinic appointment (including BlephEx)

– £60 for Follow-up appointment (excluding BlephEx)

– £60 for BlephEx treatment.


Our Dry Eye Clinic offers a specialised service that considers lifestyle, diet, environmental factors and overall health to pinpoint potential causes of eye discomfort. Cutting-edge equipment assesses tear quality, while advanced microscopes examine eye and eyelid structures, showcasing the comprehensive approach of our opticians in Haywards Heath.


The BlephEx procedure involves using an eyelid cleansing device to remove hardened deposits, ensuring clear and clean eyelid pores. Following a thorough examination and discussion of lifestyle factors, a personalised plan is devised to manage dry eye symptoms effectively, demonstrating the individualised care provided by our opticians in Haywards Heath.


Our comprehensive consultation allows for 75 minutes to address all aspects of dry eye treatment. To schedule an appointment with our dedicated team, please contact us at 01444 454808. Experience the expertise and personalised care of our opticians in Haywards Heath at Dolphins Optometrists.


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