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Dry, itchy, watery, irritable eyes?

Do any of these sound like symptoms that you suffer with? You are not alone. Dolphins Optometrists has a specialist service targeted at addressing these frequent presentations.

With a proven track record, having operated this service since March 2017, we have had countless episodes of successful treatments.

Tear Clinic Prices

Tear Clinic appointment (including BlephEx) –  £110
Tear clinic follow-up appointment (excluding BlephEx) – £55
BlephEx – £60

What’s involved?

Tear Clinic appointments are a specialist led service. We consider factors such as your lifestyle, diet, and surrounding environmental factors, as well as general health, to help identify some of the causes for discomfort of the eyes and eyelids.

We have sophisticated equipment that allows us to assess the quality of your natural tears and special microscopes to examine the structures of the eyes and eyelids.

There is an eyelid cleansing device that is then used to remove any hardened deposits along the eyelids. This is the BlephEx treatment that helps to keep the pores in your eyelids clean and clear.

Once we have established the particular status of the eye health, removed the hardened areas around the eyelids and discussed all  the relevant lifestyle points, we begin to formulate a plan to help manage the original symptoms.

We allow 75 mins for this comprehensive consultation.

What happens next?

You will be given detailed advice on any regular treatment that is recommended. This may include things like the use of specific eye drops and how often to use them. In order to monitor your progress and successful management, there will  be a recommendation made for a suitable follow-up schedule as required.