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Your eye examination

Comprehensive eye examination allowing for better diagnosis

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Book your eye exam with Dolphins Optometrits. During your eye exam, your optician or optometrist will take the time to check your eyes for any signs of deterioration or disease, and to assess your prescription and vision health. We ensure that this is an extensive assessment. Additionally, we provide comprehensive follow-up services to ensure you get the care you need. 

Depending on their reasons for requesting an eye exam, every patient will therefore require different services. Hence, there is always enough time allocated to address your needs. Furthermore, we ensure that the correct technology and practices. Importantly, this allows us to comprehensively assess your eye health.

To learn more about our eye exam services, contact us today on 01444 454808, alternatively, email us at hello@dolphinsoptometrists.co.uk.

We care

You will be called through by the optometrists who will firstly explain what’s going to happen in your eye appointment. Secondly, we will then ask you about your reasons for visiting us. Your examination will be thorough, unhurried and therefore exhaustive.


Bring any glasses and spare pairs that you are currently using. Additionally, if you’re a contact lens wearer arrive wearing your lenses. Also, please bring a list of any medication you are currently taking.

Individual service

Every patient needs different amounts of time depending on their condition as well as why they have come to see us. Therefore, we always ensure plenty of time is allocated to address your needs.

Keeping you informed

If further investigation is required we will explain what that might involve. Consequently, you may be asked to visit us again for another assessment. We are more than hapy to discuss treatment with so, therefore, do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!

Your new spectacles

If new spectacles are required, we will therefore move on to the dispensing area. A qualified Dispensing Optician will then help select a new frame to suit you, discuss the most appropriate type of lenses, and take all the necessary fitting measurements.

All done!

Any recommendations for enhanced services will be discussed. Additionally, you will be advised when your next routine review will be due. This will therefore conclude your eye examination at Dolphins Optometrists on this occasion.

Communication is key! Therefore, when visiting our clinic, we urge our clients to be as honest and clear as possible. This ensures that we are completely aware of your situation, thus allowing us to provide an accurate diagnosis and thus prescription. Hence, this guarantees that clients get the best care possible, which is what is most important to us.

We love to talk with our clients, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to discuss our services with you and therefore help you find the right solution for your eyes!