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Services at Dolphins Optometrists

Explore the variety of services Dolphins Optometrists has to offer. 

We are incredibly proud of the services and many treatments available to our clients. To learn more about our practice and treatments, explore our website and book online or contact us today on 01444 454808 or alternatively, email us on hello@dolphinsoptometrists.co.uk.


Your examination will be thorough, unhurried and exhaustive. Bring any glasses and spare pairs that you are currently using and if you’re a contact lense wearer arrive wearing your lenses. Every patient needs different amounts of time depending on why they have come to see us, and so as with all of our services at Dolphins Optometrists, there is always enough time allocated to address your needs. You can expect your eye examination to last 30-60 minutes. If new spectacles are required we will therefore move on to the dispensing room where a qualified Dispensing Optician will take measurements and help you find frames to suit you.

Nowadays, almost everyone can benefit from contact lens wear. Most eyesight problems can be corrected with contact lenses and they are suitable for people of all ages, including children. Wearing contact lenses provides excellent peripheral vision, therefore allowing you to wear sunglasses and sportswear e.g. goggles/helmets. Furthermore, they don’t steam up when you enter a room or affect your vision outside in the rain!  Many people aged 40+ struggle with near vision, but multi-focal lenses can provide a solution to this common problem. This therefore avoids the need for reading glasses. There are many types of contact lenses available and we will advise you on the best option for you and your lifestyle.  We offer free contact lens trials and comprehensive Contact Lens Care Packages which therefore maximises your comfort and convenience of contact lens wear. Just ask for details during your consultation.

Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology, is an innovative way of helping to control Myopia (short-sightedness). It can be employed even if your Myopia has stabilised. The idea behind Ortho-K is to offer freedom from spectacles and contact lenses during your waking hours.

Our Dispensing Opticians will use their many years of experience in professional optical dispensing to advise on the best frame and lenses to hence suit your lifestyle and aesthetics.  Great care and attention to detail ensures complete satisfaction, therefore resulting in spectacles to be proud of. It is very important to us that our customers are happy with their glasses and our services at Dolphins Optometrists!

This helps us to provide a first class service in looking after the health of our patients’ eyes. Dolphins Optometrists are proud to have an ultra-wide-field retinal imaging machine at their disposal, Optos, and a structural layer analyser, Zeiss OCT.

Dry, itchy, watery, irritable eyes?

Do any of these sound like symptoms that you suffer with? You are not alone. Dolphins Optometrists has a specialist service targeted at addressing these frequent presentations.

With a proven track record, having operated this service since March 2017, we have had countless episodes of successful treatments.

As a Practice we understand that it can be difficult to schedule eye care appointments around other work and family commitments; therefore we always try to be flexible to accommodate our clients’ requirements and will open early/late if at all possible. Please do give our friendly team of Receptionists a call, or alternatively, stop by the Practice to discuss our services at Dolphins Optometrists and how we can meet your eye care needs.