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The Tear Clinic for dry and itchy eyes

The TEAR clinic at Dolphins Optometrists is a specialist eye care service that helps you manage dry eye disease, ocular surface disease and prevent long-term conditions and issues.

Suffering from Dry and Watery Eyes?

We are proud to offer such a valuable and important service. Our expert consultants, Mandy Davidson and Ann Forbes use cutting-edge treatments to protect your eyes. So, if you’re suffering from dry or watery eyes, check out our specialist TEAR clinic below.

man rubbing his eyes with both hands

Do dry and watery eyes make it hard for you to concentrate at work? Are your dry and irritated eyes making it difficult to read or watch television? You might be suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition that causes dryness or excess wateriness, burning and redness.

Fortunately, the TEAR clinic at Dolphins Optometrists’ offers specialised treatment programmes designed to alleviate dry eye symptoms. Our experienced team of optometrists offer comprehensive dry eye treatments, tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

hazel bloodshot eye
Dry eye syndrome is caused by an imbalance in tear production or increased evaporation. Tear production is essential for keeping the eyes moist and lubricated. When dry eye occurs, it can cause irritation, burning and itching in the eyes.


  • Ageing
  • Hormonal changes (such as pregnancy or menopause)
  • Wind or air pollution
  • Certain medications (antihistamines, decongestants, birth control pills)
  • Use of contact lenses
  • Pre-existing health conditions (such as diabetes or autoimmune disorders)

Treatment for Dry Eyes at Dolphins Optometrists

man in blue t shirt putting drop sinto his eyes

TEAR Clinic Prices
TEAR Clinic appointment (including BlephEx) – £110

Follow-up appointment (excluding BlephEx) – £60

BlephEx – £60

TEAR Clinic appointments are a specialist-led service. We consider factors such as your lifestyle, diet, and surrounding environmental factors, as well as general health. This helps us to identify some of the causes of the discomfort you experience in your eyes and eyelids.

Our sophisticated equipment allows us to assess the quality of your natural tears. Additionally, our special microscopes examine the structures of the eyes and eyelids.

Our eyelid cleansing device is then used to remove any hardened deposits along the eyelids. This is the BlephEx treatment, which helps to keep the pores in your eyelids clean and clear.

After establishing the particular status of the ocular surface, removing the hardened area around the eyelids and discussing all the relevant lifestyle points, we can formulate a bespoke plan to manage the original dry eye symptoms.

We allow 75 mins for this comprehensive consultation.


You will be given detailed advice on any treatment that is recommended. This may include treatments such as the use of specific eye drops and how often to use them. In order to monitor your progress and successful management, there will be a recommendation made for a suitable follow-up schedule. This, therefore, enables us to regularly monitor your progress to ensure we see the best results.

eye doctor applying eye drops to patient
man in grey jumper rubbing his eyes

Our Resident Dry-Eye Specialist Consultant, Mandy Davidson

Mandy Davidson is our industry-leading dry eye specialist at Dolphins Optometrists.

Mandy is an Optometrist with a special interest in the tear film and the consequences of dry eye disease and runs our TEAR Clinic here at Dolphins.

We are very lucky to have Mandy at Dolphins Optometrists, she is incredibly passionate about helping patients find the best treatment for dry eyes, as well as alternative and new methods to support treatment.

When she isn’t working with us at Dolphins Optometrists, Mandy works closely with fellow clinicians and healthcare professionals to educate them on how to manage dry eyes. Mandy is involved in training aspiring colleagues around the world to offer the best practice and deliver bespoke management plans for the treatment of dry eyes.

Mandy Davidson in a blue top, smiling at the camera
Ann Forbes in a leopard print top smiling at the camera

Our Resident Dry-Eye Consultant, Ann Forbes

Ann is a specialist Contact Lens Optician. Her many years of experience in dealing with ocular surface-related conditions has given Ann a significant advantage in successfully caring for people suffering from dry eyes/ocular surface disease. This has allowed her to keep her patients happily wearing contact lenses when they otherwise may have had to stop due to increasing discomfort.

Combining the wealth of knowledge and experience that come from practicing as a contact lens optician, with her advanced training in ocular surface disease management, has meant Ann has now added TEAR Clinic consultancy to her repertoire.

Mandy and Ann have been caring for and improving the lives of our patients with their clinical expertise. We are confident that they can help you find the treatment for dry eyes that you’ve been looking for.

If you would like to receive treatment for dry eyes, then contact our experts today. We would be happy to discuss your dry eyes with you and find the perfect solution to help you get the most out of your vision.

Contact our friendly team on 01444 454808 today.