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No more glasses or contact lenses during the day!

Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology, is an innovative way of helping to control Myopia (short-sightedness). It can be employed even if your Myopia has stabilised. Ortho-K offers freedom from spectacles and contact lenses during your waking hours.

How does this work?
Ortho-K works by gently reshaping your cornea, using specialist lenses in your eyes, whilst you sleep. When you wake up and remove the lenses you will be amazed that you can see without your lenses or glasses.


Dolphins Optometrists have a close relationshp with a UK based contact lens lab, No7 Contact Lenses, who design and make the lenses to your exact specifications. The treatment lenses are called ‘Eye Dream’. Using state of the art technology in the form of the Medmont E300 Topographer, we can precisely map the shape of your eye to produce the lenses required to fit you.

Who is this for?

This treatment is aimed particularly at children and teens who are starting to develop Myopia. Our aim is to slow down the rate of development of the Myopia and at the same time offer the freedom of clear vision without glasses or contact lenses during the day. If you are young and myopic, there are significant health benefits for your eyes in employing OrthoK as a myopia management option. This includes reducing the risk of sight threatening conditions such as retinal detachments and glaucoma. Even if your myopia has stabilised, if you are someone who has a very active lifestyle then the treatment has very practical lifestyle applications too.

There are some exceptions for example if you are long-sighted (Hyperopic) or have a particular type of astigmatism, then Ortho-K would be unsuitable. However, alternative lenses are still available.